Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I've been trying to do that barre class once per week.  It's great, and it's a perfect complement for running.  And, it's wicked hard, which I enjoy.

The only problem is that, very often, the most convenient time to go to barre class is 6:30 am.  That's early for summer.

The sacrifices I make for this body.

Anyway, the way I get myself to that class is to arrange for my friend KK to pick me up.  Then, I try to go when the teacher is this woman named Heather.  Heather has a great playlist and awesome bird tattoos on her shoulder.  Go, Heather.  Lots of people show up to her class, even though it's at 6:30.

But, sometimes I feel like I want to go on other days when Heather is not the teacher.  For convenience's sake.  At these times, the teachers are practically teenagers and they play the absolute worst music.  Either that, or they don't show up.  That actually happened one time.

Anyway, the music is this melody-less crap that offers zero in the motivation department.  I'm not sure what it's called.  Electronica?  New Wave?  Souless Droning?

This morning, the teacher was cute little 20 year-old Kelly.  Two people including KK and me showed up for her class with the wack music. BECAUSE THE MUSIC WAS WACKED, KELLY!

I have a suggestion for you: play the top-40 pop music that the 30-to-60-somethings enjoy. Have you heard of Pink?  Rhianna?  Beyonce?  Kelly CLARKSON?!  You guys even have the same name!


LH said...

Do you practice ballerina moves at the barre class?

KC said...

You don't dance. You do a bunch of ab exercises and some cardio. The moves at the barre are releve and plie. Lots of them.