Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Rock Mom Jeans

We're up to day four.  We've had meetings like you would not believe.  Meetings on very important topics - connected learning, 1:1 policies, digital citizenship, mitigating stereotype threat, democracy and education - but meetings straight for 3 days.  You might not know this, but teachers really want to get into their classrooms during this pre-school time.  No matter how many cool ideas we're presented with, we can't really process and internalize those ideas right now.  We have to get ready for the kids to actually arrive in the building.

This is a perennial problem in back-to-school weeks.  Balancing the teachers' desire to get their rooms and lessons ready, and everyone's desire to learn cool new ideas and necessary information about the start of the year.  For instance, this morning I'm learning about empathy.  Who wouldn't want to learn about that?  Everyone would!

But, I also want to sort school supplies, make clipboards with hall passes, finish a bulletin board, finalize some lesson plans, and review the material I need to present to my advisory on MONDAY MORNING.

They're coming.  And I'm not ready yet.


mm said...

My school has done a much better job about room time. In fact, we have Monday afternoon in our rooms. You'll be ready!

jdoc said...

I am impressed that you leaned about connected learning. I kinda love your school. Except for the part about not getting into your classroom.

LH said...

Are you in the new cool room???