Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Movie Camp

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Once again, Mac and I saw a movie.  This week, it was The BFG directed by Steven Spielberg.  I wish I could give the movie a rave review because, obviously, I love the book.  Who doesn't love Roald Dahl?  Mac was especially excited to see the film because his amazing second grade teacher read the novel out loud to the class this year.  "I won't be too scared because I'll know what's coming," he said bravely as we walked in.

To be honest, I was more concerned that we were seeing the picture in 3D.  When we saw Star Wars in 3D, Mac threw up all over the movie theater, and we had to leave while hanging our heads in shame.  I'm serious: he puked like seven times all over the row and down the stairs on the way out. I'm sure they had to stop the film and turn on the lights to clean up the chunks.  I don't know that for certain, of course, because right after I reported the biohazard, I beat it to the parking lot.

But anyway, I thought The BFG was just fine.  Here are our reviews:

Mac says: 5 of 5 stars.  It was funny. I liked when the Fleshlumpeater got pelted with the snozzcumbers.
Mom says: 3 of 5 stars. The Dahl whimsy seemed diluted in the dialogue and the overwrought soundtrack drowned out the story. But, still, I'm happy to have seen it.

There you have it.  And, neither of us threw up on the other patrons, so I'm calling it a lovely Tuesday afternoon.

Shef's first stomach flu.  Why would you want to read this?

The time Mac puked at tae kwon do.  Again, why click?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a winner for both of you! Love, mom. Who also, I think, read it to you.

mm said...

I feel a bit saddened that I've never read The BFG, but I don't feel sorry enough to read it.

I'm glad there was no puking.

LH said...

I love that book. Not sure I'll see the movie, but I'm extremely appreciative of the reviews.

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