Sunday, June 25, 2023

Deep Sadness and Betrayal

Here's the problem: I feel terribly miffed about not going to the Taylor Swift Eras tour. Even though it can't be actually true, it feels like everyone has gone to the show and had the best time of their lives. Everyone except me. 

And while everyone was at the show, they got to do one or more of the following: wear a sparkly jumpsuit, put glitter on their faces, make and trade cool friendship bracelets with Tay-themed messages on them, and cry with joy and fulfillment.

Meanwhile, I'm sure my life has meaning, but I'm not sure what it is now that I've missed out on this iconic experience.


LH said...

I'm wondering why you didn't go?

There's always next time because Taylor Swift seems to be popular with lots of people.

KC said...

The tickets were literally thousands of dollars, Lee.

LH said...

I didn't realize this. Who buys these tickets I wonder?