Friday, June 30, 2023

Status Report

MWFA: As a review for everyone, that's Make Writing Fun Again, my plan for the summer. And guess what? It's working! Every day, I think about ways to make writing fun and do those things. What I've noticed is this: doing the fun little snippets make the work writing easier. There was even one day when the work writing was the most fun writing I did. Amazing. It's happening. The fog is lifting and the fun is coming in. Also, the book is getting much closer to done. Speaking of...

The Book: I am working on it a lot, and it's getting written. On drafting days, my goal is to average two thousand words. That's a lot. It's like six or seven pages. Every time I get to 8000 words, I "finish" those chapters and hand them in. "Finish" is in quotation marks because we all know they're not actually finished. They're just readable and reasonable. The word count goes from 8000 to about 6000 at this point, but the words are much better. And then, when all 90,000 words of the book are in that shape, we can revise it all again. And then again and again, but with help. It's happening. Did I say that already? It's happening. It's happening.

Running: I trained really hard and well from December of 2022 until a couple of weeks ago. My plan was for my big finale of this training cycle to be a half marathon. But, when the week came, I just didn't feel like doing it. The race I picked was small and not super well-supported. The weather was hot and humid. I was overwhelmed by the task of writing my book. I just decided to bag it. I think it's fine. I'm taking a month of very easy running, and then I'll start back again to some regular training. I'm running a fall marathon, and I probably won't bag that. It'll be marathon #10.

Driving: Mac got his permit. He's permitted to drive. I'll begin his instruction thusly.


LH said...

Great update.

Do I understand that you are turning in pages to someone every time you write? WOW.

You've influenced me with the MWFA initiative. THANKS KC!

Way to celebrate freedom in terms of that race.

Mac driving. Wild.

KC said...

I should talk about the turning in process. I'll do that thusly.

LH said...