Wednesday, June 21, 2023

I'm Trying To Express My Weirdness

I had an epiphany on my run today, and it was that I should have FUN writing every day.

Making Writing Fun Again (MWFA) is my idea to counteract the deep insecurity and sadness I feel when I try to write novels, which I've been trying to do (and doing) for like six years. 

Quite simply, in the time that I've been a professional writer, I've come to mostly hate writing. Or, to be more precise, I hate the way it makes me feel.

Because I'm a good problem solver, I tried to brainstorm ways that writing could be fun for me once again, as it was in the days of yore. And, I thought of this blog. And, I thought of captions on Strava, the exercise app. And, I thought of Instagram stories.

First, to MWFA, I wrote a long thing on Strava about how writing makes me feel. I wrote about my deep insecurities and fears. I felt good when I hit "Update." And then an hour later, I realized I sounded like an overly emo psycho in that "piece." My hope is that not too many people saw it.

My whole brand is pretending to be normal, right? I need to be a little more surreptitious about my actual neuroses. 

So next, I did a little draft of an Instagram story about MWFA. Unfortunately, on review it seemed a little disturbed, so I deleted it.

And then, finally, I came here, and I wrote this entry. 

The blog is defunct, so I think it's okay. It can stay. If you read this, maybe be careful about letting me know. It's like a journal that's online, but that like no one reads.


LH said...

I'm more happy about this blog entry than you can possibly know.

Not only for its existence, but for its usual fine and honest and real content.

Your post got me sifting through writing quotes. I like this one from E.B. White: ---- Writing is hard work and bad for the health.
And then I decided this EB White quote would also be good to share with you ---- It is not often someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. (That would be you, KC!)

MWFA! Sign me up.

KC said...

Lee, you are a true and stalwart friend. Thank you so much for this quote. I'm going to put it on my Instagram stories with a hat-tip to you, and that will be great.