Friday, May 13, 2005

Celebrate Good Times

At this very moment, I am printing the final copy of my paper. I can proudly say that it’s… decent. If my calculations are correct, I’ll pass the theory class, tally my credits, and be on my merry way, thank you very much.

I won’t pretend that getting to this happy, finished point was easy. On the homestretch, I’ve been plagued with severe sinus congestion and a mean, yellow-greenish post-nasal drip. Also, I had a case of sore-throat-induced insomnia last night. I tried the usual remedies of saying repeated Hail Marys and blogging in my head for hours with no success. Dan doesn’t remember me telling him I was headed to Lunds at 2:00am for cough drops and baby Tylenol (the latter was for Shef), but sojourn I did, clad in ripped up Macalester sweatpants and black loafers.

Finally, this morning, Shef stopped climbing things and throwing blocks as hard as he could to take a little snooze, during which time I punched in the final edits. When he wakes up, we’ll head over to the U and drop the finished product off in the stuffy, old English department, a place I will never, ever venture again.

Big sigh and brief pause here before I begin helping Dan box up all of our belongings for the big move, which is only two and half weeks away.

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