Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Look What We Can Do

Shef is in a study on memory at the U. We went last week, and the bubbly researcher tried to teach him one, two, and three-step tasks with toys that, judging by their 100% grime coverage, had been purchased in the seventies or early eighties.

“Look what I can do, Shef!” Lindsay squealed as she affixed googly eyes to a magnetic bunny. “I can put the eyes on the bunny!”

Shef said “glasses,” and grabbed the eye magnet. I thought that was pretty ingenious of him, connecting eyes and glasses like that.

But, the researcher wasn’t so interested in his linguistic skills or associative powers and pressed on with the task at hand. “Now, show me what you can do,” she cooed and pushed bunny across the table to him.

I wish I could report that he put the eyes on the stupid bunny like he was supposed to. Even more, I wish I could report that after clarifying that I should not practice one, two, and three-step tasks at home before this week's session, I didn't try to get him to build block towers or put plastic animals in their Little People cages.

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