Wednesday, December 7, 2005

America's Next Top Model is Cellulite-Free

I dragged myself to the Y tonight to put in a little time on the treadmill, and I happened to see the last ten minutes of the America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. Ok, let me tell you, even in closed captioning that show is SMOKIN’. Why hasn’t anyone sat me down and made me watch? To think I’ve missed three or four full seasons of this!

So, that was a boon; and then, when I went down to the locker room and traipsed into the shower, I ran into my brother’s ex-girlfriend. This was a bit awkward, if you want to know the truth. It turns out I don’t mind if total strangers see me naked, but when acquaintances have full-on access to my cellulite, I get a little anxious. Luckily, we pretended not to see each other, and went our separate ways.


Anonymous said...

HA! This is great. But you should have said hi.

Brother/Ex Boyfriend.

PS. Was she naked too?

LH said...

America's Top Model is way awesome. I used a lesson learned from it with the sixers today. Tyra told Nicole, "If you choke, Just say that you choked. Don't blame others." After explaining this to the sixers today, a kid later argued with me about how he wasn't at fault for something and I said, "Pal, just admit you choked!" And he said, "Okay, I choked." Is that asking too much.

KC said...

hey, dev -- m was not naked, fortunately. also, she was far enough away that not saying hi was okay. really. :) i would have had to yell out from the shower, "HEY! M!" and that would've been just too much. but i know she saw me.

lh -- i feel you should have turned me on to ANTM. when does the next season start?! how are those sixers?

LH said...

another possibility is project runway. that show rocks.