Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mouse Diaries

There is a mouse problem in my school. They’re simply running the place over, and frankly, it creeps me out.

The custodial staff provides glue traps, which my animal-rights-activist student tells me are highly inhumane. I tend to believe her, as we’ve found a couple of mice trying to gnaw their legs off whilst stuck on the traps. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to buy my own alternative traps; although, I suppose no one would notice. Chalk up another out-of-pocket expense for teachers, right alongside pencils, paper, and white board markers.

Anyway, my third hour students have a contest going. They each set and bait traps, and then whoever's trap catches a mouse gets a point. They also liked to assign points for kills (imagine six fifteen-year-old boys racing out the back to drop cinderblocks on the stuck rodents), until I told them I had to put a stop to the vigilante-ism.

“Don’t tell your parents about this,” I said to one chap as he stood on my desk, planting a trap in the ceiling.

It was too late – he’d already detailed for her the mouse adventures, including the spattering of blood from the outdoor smashing. As I haven’t gotten a call, I’m assuming she doesn’t mind too much.


jm said...

I LOVE this story! I wish we could video tape your classroom....oh, and your unexpected use of the word "chap" cracked me up!

I'm really glad that I don't work there, though. Mice freak me out.

LH said...

Spring traps might be better. You get to hear the constant THWANG of the metal as the mouse is killed. Painfully, but very quickly. they could write poems about it. happy weekend, woman

jdoc said...

Ode To a Dead Mouse. Great assignment.