Friday, December 30, 2005

Slam Your Body Down and Wind It All Around

I got an iPod for Christmas. I guess Santa knew it was one of my fondest wishes, along with cellulite eradication and world peace.

Anyway, I listened to the sleek blue mini as I toiled away on the treadmill this morning (per my second wish), and I quickly discovered my problem: my music is woefully out-of-date.

I mean, the Backstreet Boys, Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis,” and “Wanabee,” the quintessential Spice Girls track, all made the forty-minute playlist. I know. It’s so bad it’s embarrassing.

Because I realized my cool-factor needed a boost, later in the day when Jessie and I went to pick up Shef, I turned up my “poppin’” mix, made by my uber-hip sister. Jessie and I bobbed happily to that song about “my milkshake” until I started over-thinking it:

“What is her milkshake?” I wondered. “Is it her body?”

Jessie considered this for a while, and then said, “No…. I think it’s, like... her bootylicious jiggle.”

And so, I realize my musical transformation might be slow, but I’m committed to making it work, one-two step.


jdoc said...

I've been thinking about the milkshake all day. I no longer think it's her bootylicious jiggle, but her boobylicious jiggle instead. MILKshake. Get it. Clearly, I have discovered the answer.

KC said...

my sister tells me that the milkshake is worse than boobylicious. she says it's the speaker's superior ability to provide (ahem) oral stimulation. She says that if we'd seen th music video, we'd know this is the case.

another pal of mine says it's "feminine oozing."

good lord. i didn't mean to intoduce such a dirty topic!!

LH said...

1 person in my house said very plainly that milkshake means handjob. another one said

Didn't occur to me that these would be the responses when i asked them if they knew about the lyric.