Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Bears

This is a picture of Shef getting ready to dance with the Berenstein Bears, who appear at the Children's Museum every Friday afternoon at four.

Shef fears the bears, and yet, he loves them, too. He loves to hokey-pokey with them, to shake around to "The Bare Necessities" with them, and to participate in their "Bear Cha Cha Cha."

We've seen the bears three times now, and I know he would really like to start giving them high-fives.

"I give Papa Bear a high five," he tells me, each time we see them.

"Great," I say, encouragingly, as a horde of excited kids mobs the bears. "Let's wait our turn, and then when we get up there, you can go ahead and give him a high five."

Then, when I've successfully fended off the over-zealous bear fans in order to secure a turn, informed the bear that this one wants to do a high-five, and the bear holds up his hand, ready for the big moment...

Shef suddenly whimpers "No," and buries his head deep in my shoulder.

"Okay, that's okay," I tell him, smiling apologetically at the bear's handlers. "You don't have to do a high five."

"I'll just wave," he says, peeking up at the bear, as we walk away.

And then he waves, and then we discuss it for the rest of the afternoon.


LH said...

I hope he's not putting too much pressure on himself. Tell him I back out of stuff all the time. Waving is a really good plan B.

Jana said...

Hey Kathleen-
Came over to your blog from AmyF's. You are brave for even venturing over to the costumed bears for Shef to attempt his high-five. That is something this momma will NEVER do! I HATE things dressed up in costume unless I can see their face. Shef sounds like a very determined little boy and I love how much he talks already. He sounds so cute!

Undomestic said...

You venture into St.Paul at 4PM? All I can think of is the rush hour traffic you must face afterward. What a wonderful and brave mom you are!

KC said...

i don't think he's putting too much pressure on himself -- next time the high-five is a no-go, i'll remind him of you, lh.

jana, thanks for visiting, my friend!!

cari, one great thing about living right between downtowns is that there is no rush-hour traffic to contend with to get to mpls or st. paul. of course, a downside to living here is that there is a LOT of rush hour traffic getting to anywhere out of either city. :)