Monday, March 20, 2006

It Turns Out That Having Kids More-Than Doubles the Number of Sick Days You Need to Take

Just to make things interesting, Shef spiked a fever this morning, and I had to leave a curriculum-planning meeting at the school district office to rescue him from daycare, where he was languishing half-conscious in his teacher’s lap.

“He’s been this way since Dad dropped him off,” Teacher Tina informed me. I could tell she suspected us of knowingly sending him to school in this condition, but I swear we didn’t.

Lucky for me, Dan was able to come home in time for me to speed back across town in order to catch the after-lunch portion of the scintillating discussion of the placement of world lit titles in the tenth grade English course, and then I scooted over to the high school to leave lesson plans for the sub I’ll need tomorrow.

“You know he can’t come back until he’s been fever-free for 24 hours,” Tina said pointedly. “So, hopefully we’ll see him on Wednesday.”

Sure enough, he was lounging pathetically all afternoon and evening, and we felt really sorry for him until he suddenly felt better around dinner time, scarfed three waffles, and mustered enough energy to do the “jump, shake your booty” dance that my sister taught him last week. He knows how to sing the song and wiggle his tail feather, so it’s truly a sight to behold.


Anonymous said...

I can hardly tell when I have a fever myself, so how could you have known? Besides, he got it from daycare, so really it's their fault (as per my blame everyone else plan for the week).

jdoc said...

Oops. That was jdoc.

LH said...

ah yes, i remember the day care days so well. the weird rashes, the lingering fevers, the bites, the draining ears...I could go on and on.
but on the good side, my friends who stayed home with their kiddos had kids who missed half of kindergarten because they got all their illnesses then.
hope he's back up to snuff. and
I like the songs he's learning.

KC said...

lh, you would so love watching shef do this dance. it's so funny, i've forgiven my sister for showing it to him in the first place.

and i really DIDN'T know he was sick when i dropped him off.

mj said...

I was wondering if your sister had any of my personality at all, the shake your booty lesson confirms it. Can't wait to see the two-year-old dance and sing.