Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Construction Report

Okay, if this doesn't look like progress to you, you are clearly the most glass-half-emptiest person in the world:

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Slow Joe was busy this afternoon installing that kick-ass floor. And I'm diggin' the yellowy green color.

Dan, the man who, when I put his child on time-out this afternoon for throwing plastic food willy-nilly around the living room, sheepishly admitted that he actually encourages this kind of behavior, is partial to the cheerful blue color in the new powder room:

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So, Slow Joe says April 15th.

Let's say it all together now:

April. Fifteenth.


LH said...

It is progressing beautifully, I would say. It doesn't even look like the same homestead.
ooh la la, as they might say in france.

KC said...

leeway, thanks for your support. i really appreciate it.