Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Construction Report

As I haven't had to report to work this week, I've thinking about our house quite a bit. Today, I ran into John, Slow Joe's cousin, as he was cutting some trim for the wainscoting in the bathroom. He was using the huge table saw that's discreetly taking up half of the family room.

"John," I said, feeling positive, "the bathroom looks awesome. I love it. And also the paint outside is all done!"

"Yep," he nodded, "I think it turned out great."

"Soooo," I said, looking around at the kitchen cabinets, which are installed, and the sink, which is clearly awesome, "I don't know if you've lived with your mother recently, but..."

John laughed a little and shook his head, but I didn't notice any sudden increase in the pace of cutting or anything.


Undomestic said...

When we were having our basement finished last year, our contractor told us it would take about 2 took over 5! He did a great job...but he just sorta sauntered in at his leisure...never ever working a full day or a full week. Like the guy, but he was slow. I guess this post won't help you feel any better, but just know, I feel your pain!!!!

cg said...

Yikes, I hope slow Jo finishes on his April deadline. Can't you guys charge penalties for running late like that?? Your house is really coming along very nicely though.

KC said...

hi, cari - my pain increases daily. amber keeps peeing, nothing is organized or cleaned the way I like it. You know how it goes. Your contractor sounds like Joe. Are you sure it wasn't Joe and his crew of well-meaning, poky relatives??

cg - oh how I wish we could charge penalties. I've actually stopped complaining about ANYTHING lest I provoke Joe to slow even more. How was your vacation??

LH said...

i just ordered new handles for my kitchen cabinets. They came, but i don't like them. And believe me, if i don't like them, they're U.G.L.Y.
a little miniscule problem that's bugging the heck out of me. so
i get what you're saying.