Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ringing His Celly

Now that Shef is two, he does some really cute things and also some really horrifying things.

Beacause it's good to focus on the positive, I'll tell one of the cute things: He’s started making fake phone calls on his real, but nonfunctioning cell phone. Usually he calls my friends -- people he knows very well. Other times, he calls folks that are important to him, although we’ve never actually spoken with them in real life.

For example, yesterday, he dialed up the guy who wears scuba gear into the fish tank at the Minnesota Zoo. This guy then gives a breathy presentation on fish behavior and feeding that's broadcast into a little viewing area via some kind of underwater speaking technology. He wears a full-coverage face mask, so it’s possible that “the guy” is actually several different men; but he’s just “Guy” to us.

“Hi, Guy,” Shef said into his phone, as we were walking around on our deck.
“You feed the fish?
“You see the dolphins?
“That’s great!
“You’re in the tank now?
“Ok. Bye-bye Guy, I love you.”


LH said...

this is v. funny and sweet.
i love how he knows how people talk on the phone.

Undomestic said...

Very cute...not what's the horrifying stuff...I need to know I'm not the only one.

jdoc said...

I love that he calls him Guy. So funny.

KC said...

ok, cari -- how about hitting, pushing, running away, throwing himself on the floor in the middle of stores, throwing food, intentionally spilling milk and other beverages all over everything, and getting out of his bed fifty times per night?!

sound familiar?? :)

lh and jdoc -- he is quite an entertaining kid. we should call you lee -- you'd like his gravely little voice these days, and then you'd be on his fake call list. ;)

Undomestic said...

I feel much better now.

cg said...

hehehe we also do the horrible two year old stuff here - E asked for milk yesterday morning. Sat down on his chair at my antique wooden dining room table - looked me straight in the eye and emtied the contents of the mug over the table! This is a kid who normally dont stand any mess!!! For his own safety he was taken to his room whilst I cleaned the mess!!