Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lament for Renee, Part 3 or 4

Every time I do any work-related anything with Whoa-Nay, I find myself just wanting very badly to teach with her again. This photo of us was taken after we ran our service day project for the first time in 2003.

As you can see, we were really tired, sweaty, and completely satisfied with our jobs. If you had a colleague that made you feel that way and you had a blog, wouldn’t you write about how much you missed her on a quarterly basis, too?

Today, Whoa-Nay and I gave a talk about our citizenship stuff to a couple hundred Rotarians. Turns out Rotarians are a very supportive audience. We are totally crashing the Rotary Conference again next year.

Also, I enjoyed telling any Rotarians who asked why the heck we were no longer working together, that my former school district wouldn’t accommodate my desire for a part-time job. I didn’t mention that even if I had taken my full-time job back, they weren’t going to let me work with Whoa-Nay. When I think about that, I’m reminded that I had a really good reason for leaving. I think you’ll agree that a good job just isn’t a really good job unless you have a buddy.


jdoc said...

Love that picture.

LH said...

I'm glad the Rotarians get to hear about your wonderful work. Kudos to you both!

Martha said...

Start a charter school. I'll do development. You two are the best teachers I have ever known!