Thursday, July 27, 2006

If the Right One Doesn't Get You

This summer has not gone quite as planned. For one thing, I was supposed to be well on my way to finishing my master’s thesis, which is about a million light years from actually happening. My advisor says not to be hard on myself and to realize that May is a nice month in which to graduate. So, fine.

Also, we had hoped to go on a little vacation, but then decided the money is better spent elsewhere. Probably wise.

And of course Shef was supposed to not get sick as much, but still, I’ve missed about one day per week of work due to his various ailments, which have included roseola, some kind of stomach echovirus, overheating, and Extreme Desire to Be With Me.

The events of today are a good example the weirdness that is this summer.

We began the day with Shef running around the second floor naked but for his new lime-green Crocs sandals, which mean as much to him as my Girbaud jeans meant to me in 1989.

“These are my Cwocs!” he shrieked happily and repeatedly. A side-effect of his glee seemed to be an intense desire to dig his hands far between his butt cheeks.

“Too deep! Too deep!” Dan exclaimed upon witnessing this behavior.

Shef correctly interpreted this observation as a rebuke, and commenced crying and wailing, “I want to touch my bum! I want to touch my buuuummm!!”

I patiently explained that he could indeed touch his bum in the bathroom or the bedroom, and then, as quickly as possible hustled him off to school so I could make it to the U in time for my Responsible Conduct of Research Seminar, Part 2.

And thank God I did because otherwise I never would have known about my financial and ethical responsibilities should I make a major discovery in the field of missile technology.

When the instructor mentioned the scenario about selling 50 grams of a sought-after chemical compound to the private company that supplied my grant, I burst out laughing and attracted a few dirty looks; but whatever.


LH said...

Your adviser sounds wise. And so do you as you sift through all the summer oddities.
I love that Shef has the crocs.

Have you seen the little doodads you can buy to poke in the croc holes? Shef may not feel a need to customize his crocs tho, he seems pleased with them as is.

KC said...

hi, lh. shef LOVES the crocs. he won't take them off. i can see them on you... what kind of cool shoes have you been wearing this summer?

LH said...

i do have some new slipons with sequin stars on top. and of course the KEENS totally rock.

here's a picture/link for jibbitz, accessories for the crocs.

KC said...

that link is rad. i don't think I'll show shef, or he'll want them. badly.