Monday, September 4, 2006

A Jet-Setter Would Definitely Be Interested in Packing Things That Don't Wrinkle

The nights are getting darker, The Fair is over (my corn dogs, mini donuts, cheese curds, malt, fries, and Sweet Martha’s cookies are digested)…and of course, my two-year-old continues to grow his attitude:

Me: Why don’t you wear your sneakers?
Shef: Actually, I’ll wear my crocs.

All of which means, it’s time to go back to work. I have my outfit picked, my lessons planned, and I’m really quite excited to meet my students. I think this is the best mindset I’ve ever adopted on the last day of the summer.

Of course it helps that we’re discussing a great book right off the bat. I decided I love summer reading. Things could definitely be worse.


Anonymous said...

How did the first day go? I hope the kids actually did the summer reading. I know at Holy Angels very few really read the books and teachers were crabby off the bat! Wish me luck on my first day! love, mary

KC said...

how was YOUR first day? i do think they read the book -- at least it seems that way from what they wrote. some "despised" the book, but whatev.

LH said...

great links.

ros had to read something this summer and i can't remember what it was. but she liked it.

can't wait for prw tonight.