Sunday, September 17, 2006

So Modern, So Hip, So Hip

Yesterday, Shef’s uncle-to-be introduced him to the art of making pillow forts. Needless to say, this activity was a big hit, and he’s expressed interest in further building:

“I wanna make a phallus, Daddy,” he said, hopping up on our bed and stacking pillows in a triangle.

“You mean you want to make a palace,” Dan corrected him as I choked back my guffaws.

“Yeah,” Shef said enthusiastically, “I wanna make a small phallus.”

Good lord. It seems to me that Freud would have a field day with this.

And probably also with this:

Indeed, that’s Shef wearing my lycra suit, which served me well yesterday, except when I swam what seemed like miles off course. Dan took a couple more pictures of my ass in the suit, which are obviously not suitable for blog posting.


Undomestic said...

My boys LOVE making pillow houses. But it usually ends in Cameron getting mad because Max knocks something down, or won't scoot over enough, etc. Lately they've been making pillow playgrounds with the couch cushions...constructing lots of slides.

I can't believe how old Shef looks!

LH said...

is he wearing berks?

that's funny you 2 can share the outfit.

love that.