Thursday, September 7, 2006

She's Sort of an Artsy-Craftsy Macaroni-Gluer

I’ve set a goal for myself of being more fashion-forward at work. This means wearing my hair down in fun new style and having higher standards for outfits. “Relatively stain-free” and “only kind of wrinkled” will no longer cut it, I’ve decided.

So, today, I wore my first pair of pointy shoes. I know the pointy shoes trend has been going on for a couple of years and is probably on the way out by now, but I’ll admit, I’ve never been an early-adopter when it comes to fashion.

Anyway, first thing this morning, I started second-guessing the shoes, pretty much as soon as I headed across the parking lot toward the building. First, I could barely look up from my feet, the points were so mesmerizing. And second, I must say, I didn’t feel chic. Instead, I felt like the Wicked Witch of the West had melted beneath my pants.

After tromping around for the whole day, however; and after making just one little idiotic comment to my neighbor, a cool new teacher who obviously doesn’t have the same issues around image that I’m experiencing, about changing my life one shoe at a time, I’m ready to pronounce the shoes One Small Step for Woman and One Giant Step for Career Womankind.

Or something.


Martha said...

I love this entry! I remember the first time I wore pointy shoes and I too couldn't quit looking at them! You're so cool, pointy shoes or not.

mi said...

I tend to be behind the times fashion wise also. My main criteria is usually- does it fit? Yes? That's what I'll wear. Every once in awhile when I get something new, I am completely self conscious about appearing to try to look fashionable. So lame. I should just stick with my basic circa 1996 look.

Did you at least get a few snide or complimentary comments from your students? I would take either one as a good sign.

jdoc said...

Makes me think I need to invest in some pointy shoes.

LH said...

You always look terrific, imho.

KC said...

mi, too early for snide remarks from the kiddos, but i'd like to think they think i'm a sharp dresser. yeah right. :)

m and lh, thanks for thinking i look cool with or without the shoes. i do think i need to shape up a bit in the fashion dept, but i'm not as hopeless as i COULD be, doncha know.

jess, yeah, the points are fun. check target -- they have several varieties suitable for grad students. (mine cost $18.99)

Anonymous said...

I hoped the pointed shoes would have been passe by now - I think they look terribly uncomfortable. (OK, I think anything beyond a sporty sandal looks uncomfortable). I am going clothes shopping next week and was hoping to just buy cool comfortable shoes - guess not.

[My beta blogger doesn't let me sign-in and post comments ... so it just me, Ann]

Anonymous said...

target is a republican powerhouse...why would you buy shoes there?