Friday, September 1, 2006

We Don't Really Have Time to Dick Around With Everyone's Personal Problems

I’ve been a denizen of Web 2.0 lately, and as such I’ve been participating in an online forum for triathletes. It’s called, but there are all sorts of crazy-fit veterans hanging out there, as well.

I started a thread this week asking if there were any other teachers on the boards and if so, how they planned to keep up with their fitness once work got crazy.

Several committed educators/exercisers wrote supportive messages with good tips, such as:

Set reasonable goals!

Work out on both weekend days!

Get up really early a couple of times a week!


Take a couple of weeks off until you get into the swing of things!

Some other triathlon snark-keteers took the opportunity to remind me that their lives as 12-month employees were already immeasurably more difficult than mine, and despite not having the summers off (although they would surely love to), they manage to accomplish goals much more lofty than my measely aims.

Humph. Sorry I asked.


jdoc said...

Grrr. Who asked them anyway?

Ann said...

Thanks so much for the support - next time you want a grind, make it obvious in the post.

I think, regardless of your schedule, getting any new routine going is difficult. Good luck - when is your next race?

mi said...

Screw them. I don't understand why people need to be so rude. It's not like they have to work year round because you get the summer off. Sheesh! Maybe they should set the reasonable goal to shut it.