Saturday, October 7, 2006

I Found The PR Reunion Show To Be Completely Uninspiring

Even though the paper grind has me kind of beaten down (32 of 130 papers evaluated, another 50 coming in next week, and a five-pager to knock out for My Stupid Master’s Degree™), I’m happy to report that I’ve kicked the vertigo-inducing virus that had me sidelined from athletic endeavors last week.

As you know, regardless of what life throws at me, I’m taking a firm stand against atrophy.

To this end, I took a break from the Foer analyses and This I Believe essays to I stride the River Road this afternoon. While I was doing it, I thought about my plan to demolish my half-marathon PR in February.

You should know that I set that PR when I was 13. Sheila and I ran the race together in matching outfits and although I can’t exactly remember, it’s entirely possible we crossed the finish line holding hands. Then I know we made ourselves a cake with the numbers 13.1 on it.

God, it's tough to recover from such profound dorkiness, but I want you to know I give it 110% every day.


changapeluda said...

Ha ha ha ha, this profound dork woulda loved a slice of that cake!

holding hands = so sweeeeet

LH said...

you have quite the running history.

I miss the River Road.

Undomestic said...

What half are you doing? I think I might do the Indy 500 half ends on the track. I think it's the first weekend in May. You should run it lh!!!!

wahine808 said...

You are so funny! I'm going to enjoy reading yoru blog!

KC said...

changa - happy to know i have a sister in dorkiness. :)

lh - the RR misses you too!

cari - the frozen half which is part of the st. paul winter carnival. it's the only one i've ever done -- this will be my fourth time. the weather is always questionable. last year was -1, but the previous time was 45.

wahine - thx.