Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm Sorry, You're Out

Today at our staff development workshop, we watched a perfectly nice video about, you know, optimism. And stuff.

It featured a National Geographic photographer named Dewitt Jones who earnestly encouraged me to “see the possibilities” and “give it my all” and “be open to the unexpected.”

I think I might have a black heart because instead of feeling inspired, I just felt really embarrassed for Dewitt. I felt so sorry for him that I simply couldn’t make contact with his touchy-feely eyes.

He just looked so lame while expounding on the merits of dandelion puffs. And when he started with that faux Scottish accent, I felt like crawling under the table on the "laddie's" behalf.


jdoc said...

Oh. I may have seen that before. Did he talk about being in love with the world?

wahine808 said...

I always hated those inservices where you're supposed to leave feeling inspired but instead you spend the whole time thinking about all the productive stuff you could be doing in your classroom, or you spend it listing the birthdays of all the pets you've ever had or the ice cream flavors you want to invent.

wahine808 said...

BTW, KC, wahine808 is laurel from the spring '05 board!

LH said...

Last week I had to watch a video about seizures.
Then we had some training on how to use epi-pins.
Though I was a little freaked out by both events, I think watching the laddie would have been even more difficult. ick.