Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's a Big Enough Umbrella

This is something I definitely shouldn’t proclaim out loud.

Instead, I’m going to whisper it really really quietly:

Shef has slept in his own bed all night, every night for the last three nights.

I don’t know why he's doing this, and I don’t dare expect it to last. But still. I do appreciate his willingness, however fleeting, to accommodate my recent spring-induced rash of exhaustion. When I collapsed at 8:30 last night, the kid was dozing as well; and when I woke just once at 12:15 to rub his back, he was snoring again before I made it back from the bathroom.


LH said...

Look how cute he is. i love his little face.

are those the dinos i got for him?

he probably needs another set of those, seeing as he slept for 3 nights and all.

KC said...

those are your dinos! i have been meaning to post the photo for months. he likes them and i like them. We like them because they are fun, and also because they fit in a little plastic bag and are good for taking to restaurants and stuff.

last night he woke up millions of times. just fyi.

Cyndy said...

Hi KC! Rachel's sister here...just wanted to say that I've spent some time reading lots of your blog. Old posts, new posts--it's great! Your post entitled "Slam Your Body Down and Wind It All Around" (I think it's from 2005!) inspired me to go directly to the iTunes store and download "Wannabe" AND "2 Become 1." Yes, somewhat embarrassing, but I'm over it. :)