Sunday, May 6, 2007

Gotta Gotta Get Up To Get Down

There’s something about May that really inspires a countdown.

“How many teaching days do I have left?”

For sure, I count every Sunday, and most often, at least one other time during the week. There’s just too much exhaustion and craziness going on NOT to count. The count, especially when it gets below 20, is reassuring. It’s like when I’m running a race and feeling like I’m going to drop dead at any second, I’ll figure out how many minutes I have left. Then I’ll tell myself, “You can do anything for ten minutes.” Or seven minutes, or four, or whatever.

My love for the count is, incidentally, the reason I couldn’t make it through labor. No one could tell me just how much longer I had to hold on. And also, the child was freakishly large and not descending.

The number of days is now at the threshold: 20. That’s not including final exam days and days I know I’ll have subs due to various professional development responsibilities. Because any day I don't have to speak to 130 sophs is a day off in my book.

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