Monday, May 14, 2007

I Think The Lyrics Have Played Themselves Out For Now

This morning I was breezing into my room after chatting in the hallway with Rachel, when I ran into Jude, one of my lovelies who plays in a rock band and pulls a C in English class by the rim of his skateboard.

“Oh, hey,” he says casually, “I just left you a note. Could you charge my iPod for me first hour, and then I’ll come back and get it second hour?”

“Uh, NO,” I say, incredulous.

Jude scraped his gelled bangs off his forehead and seemed genuinely surprised at my refusal. “Why not?”

“BeCAUSE,” I began, “I am not responsible for your electronics! BeCAUSE, I am not an iPod charging service!”

“C’mon, Ms. W.,” he pleaded.

“NO! If you would like to dock your iPod during sixth hour WHEN YOU ACTUALLY HAVE CLASS HERE, I may consider it,” I finish with a big eyeroll.

“Oh-kay,” Jude says, walking toward the desk to reclaim his silver nano.

And now we're at fifteen. Days, that is.


KC said...

Yeah, Jude is a really cool kid. BUT, a teacher cannot go around satisfying every tenth-grader's whim. I imagine a line of iPods waiting for charging.

I'm not going to graduation, but I am defending on Thursday. I'm excited.

KC said...

Here's what Cari said above:

Oh man, reading about Jude makes me WANT to teach at your school. Kids like that make me smile...and feel important. C'mon, he trusted you with his iPod! Plus, I just got one, and need a student to explain it all to me!!!

(I had to delete the comment because the name of my school appeared the post.)

jdoc said...

This is so funny. Love it. I met my adult ELL students last night. No iPod charging requests. They just wanted to know the difference between always and usually.

Undomestic said...

Sorry kc. As soon as I sent it, I realized what I did, but I didn't know how to delete it!

Good luck defending! Didn't you do something with blogs? What did you find?

Rachel said...

Okay, so here's the pathetic thing. Ever since you made this post, I've been trying to figure out what 80s song had the lyrics "I think the lyrics have played themselves out for now" in it.

I get it now.

God. Pathetic.