Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Under a Sky of Azure

Dan and I are headed to Santa Fe tomorrow. He has some work to do, and I’ll be devoting myself to lounging. Lounging and also digging the chilled-out Southwestern Vibe.

There will be some river rafting, a Wild West night, and a bit of gallery hopping. Plus a book club meeting on Death Comes for the Archbishop, which isn’t as bad as I feared.

Instead of joining us in The Land of Enchantment, Shef will run his grandparents ragged at the cabin in Wisconsin. I’ll miss him a little; although I won’t miss his defiant streak:

“We had a rough morning,” he explained to me on the way to school, after the worst was over.

“Um hmm,” I said. “And why was that?”

“Because,” he said nodding, “I was not cooperating with you.”

I’ll be cooperating with myself until Sunday.


Ann said...

Bon voyage and have fun. I do find it odd they have a book club group at an offsite - but heck, that would actually force me to read a book which would be a shocking concept (I love reading but somehow don't have any time - and in my case, it think it is perhaps a valid claim!)

I sometimes dream of a weekend away - so have fun for me too!

LH said...

What happens on the Wild West night?
This trip sounds way fun.