Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Year Is Over

It was a year of ups and downs, all of which were more manageable because of my teaching pals, Rachel and Tim, whose rooms conveniently flank mine and who cheerfully tolerate my mercurial disposition and all-too-frequent use of the f-word.

Today, Tim came into Rach’s room, where I was wiling away the moments until the goodbye luncheon, to hand over her summer viewing assignments. She’s teaching a couple of sections of Art of Film next year, and I guess she should be familiar with the ins and outs of the western, film noir, and screwball comedy.

“This one,” Tim said, holding up Bringing Up Baby, “I show out of spite.”

We laughed.

“I mean, the kids hate it, but it’s kind of funny,” he continued. “Katharine Hepburn is kind of annoying, but Cary Grant? Seriously. Even I think he’s hot.”


abby said...

Only an English teacher would use the term "mercurial disposition." Congrats on (reaching) the official start of summer.

trulybrilliant109 said...

Hold on ... you guys drink and swear in that department. Seriously, I haven't signed my contract yet and I wasn't aware of this. Hmmmm.

Rachel said...

Here's the only sad part of the picture:

You can't see the thousand island dressing stain on Tim's shirt from the waitress spilling it on him. Now THAT would have been a great picture. :)

LH said...

i've seen a few peeps from the compound since summer began. Everyone looks so happy these days. And rested. I love that.

Jackie said...

I've taught with KC for two years, and I really haven't heard the f-bomb dropped too much. Maybe she's keeping it clean for me. KC has captured Tim's disposition in both words and photo.