Friday, June 29, 2007

It Had a Lot of Flavor, But It Was All Pea.

Usually I totally understand Dan’s crushes. Natalie Maines: Yes. Ashley Judd: Obviously.

“Sporty Spice is off the list now,” he told me last night, “but Baby Spice is totally on it.”

And I think that’s a good edit.

But I do not understand his fascination with the host of Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi. Padma seems smart and nice. She seems to have a discerning palate and contributes nicely to "Judges Table." Overall, I think she does a swell job of hosting the second-best reality show on television.

But, she’s not hot. She’s actually kind of emaciated, I think; her wardrobe is questionable, and in some shots, her face looks somehow just not quite right.

“Look,” I said emphatically, as we watched this week’s show, “she looks kind of like a reptile right now.”

“Yeah,” Dan replied without a pause. “A hot reptile who I’d like to have sex with.”

Excellent. I guess there are some things we don’t need to understand about one another for our marriage to continue.


Martha said...

Just caught up with you on Savvy Mom. Funny, entertaining, wry, and I can't believe the obsession with Padma (is that how you spell it?)

OK. I know you don't want to hear this but when I look at those pic of Shef and read about his obsessions, I miss the little Devin. Of course he is exactly the same today - right now he's playing tough Biker dude.

LH said...

this made me lol.

is padma married to salman r?
someone told me that but it doesn't seem like it could be.

Rachel said...

Padma IS married to Salman Rushdie, but I think they're getting a divorce. I have a hard time imagining anyone being married to Salman.