Monday, June 4, 2007

It's Big Block of Cheese Day

I’m not sure what to say as I’m coming down the homestretch. I’m actually going to miss most some of these sophs. They’re cute and kind of earnest. We’ve gotten along for the most part. Still, there’s a lot to grade, and a lot of it is half-assed and crappy. The sophs, it seems, are readier for summer than their teacher, who becomes depressed when sitting idle, but remains happily distracted from her woes while trucking along at a breakneck pace.

In this trying time I’ve reverted to Aaron Sorkin. Dan and Rachel have been aiding and abetting my addiction. At home, we’ve been watching Sports Night, a show on which the two lead characters are named Dan and Casey. Dan and Casey! Like us, only I’m an initial KC who prefers to be pronounced as a real Casey.

And at home and abroad (at Rach’s house), I’ve been re-living season one of The West Wing, a show I loved so much I thought my heart would burst if I wasn’t home on Wednesdays at eight o’clock from 1999-2004.

I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens between now and Friday.

There’s bound to be at least one thing, I suppose.


LH said...

i'm thinking i may start renting seasons of the Office for summer reviewing.

The sopranos was so good and sad on sunday. do you watch entourage? also good.

my last week at the compound was insane. okay, the last two weeks. just the feeling that i don't have to look at papers created by sixers for a few months is borderline elation. i can't wait for you to be done!!!

Rachel said...

Renting seasons of The Office for the summer is a great, great idea.

Jim Halpert is one of my fictitious crushes. FYI.

abby said...

I have to put in a pitch for Alias. It's addictive, particularly on DVD.

KC said...

lh - i have heard from many that entourage should be on the docket for summer viewing, so i will be heeding that advice. i have seen some sopranos, but not every season, so maybe that, too.

rach - jim halpert. obvi.

abby - we have seen all of alias! every episode. love it all, except the last season.

LH said...

omg that jim halpert guy.

abby said...

We do not speak of the last season. I took the end of (decent episodes of) Alias pretty hard, but luckily Lost filled the void somewhat.