Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't. Stop. Thinkin' About Tomorrow.

First, I fell of my bike again on Sunday. I wasn’t even riding the bike with the fancy pedals. And once again, I was standing at an intersection. Of course, it was supremely embarrassing.

So given this incident, the one described below, and the unfortunate occasion on which I prompted my spinning instructor to repeatedly shriek, “PRESS THE EMERGENCY BRAKE!” it seems the only bikes I’ve fallen off of in my adult life have been stationary.

Second, I have finished the last of the Harry Potter installments, and I am deeply satisfied.

Third, it’s not too late to join the Top Chef challenge. Come on! Guess this week's loser and post the name in comments.


Rachel said...

I'm voting off Dale, for no other reason than he has bad hair. Can I do that?

LH said...

which 3 did i choose to go down? are they all still in?

Jackie said...

I can't believe you finished Harry already. I'm skimming #6 because I don't remember it well enough from my first read. I thought movie #5 was a dissapointment--no Ron & Hermoine sexual tension. And the Harry & Cho relationship so G-rated. I've heard Deathly Hallows is awesome, so I can't wait.

Is Peter Krause in the new "Dirty Sexy Money"? I love Peter Krause.