Monday, July 9, 2007

Long, Boring, and Ultimately Embarrassing

Because of My Stupid Master’s Degree™, begun four years ago, and, you know, Shef, also begun four years ago; I haven’t seen any movies or read very many literary books in that amount of time. Four years.

I’ve set about remedying that situation this summer by joining Blockbuster Online and reading stuff. I read a little and watch a little every day. In case you want to know what I’m reading or watching you can look in the right sidebar, where I’m keeping a list. If you don’t care what I’m reading and watching, then you don’t have to look at it.

Also, I’m doing triathlon training, which brings me joy. This summer, I’m riding my new road bike with clipless pedals, the kinds of pedals that your shoes lock in to. The kinds of pedals that bad-ass and wannabe bad-ass cyclists use.

The trouble with clipless pedals is that, you know, you clip your feet into them. And then when you want to stop and put your feet on the ground, you have to be able to clip them OUT.

This hasn’t been a serious problem, except today. After I’d already clipped out my right foot and was waiting at an intersection, right foot on the ground and left foot clipped in; I lost my balance.

I lost my balance, began falling to the left, but of course the left foot was still locked into the pedal, and there was no time to get it out. In a panic, I reached out for cycling mentor Jamie, who happened to be right there. But in reaching for her, I really just pushed her down.

And then we were both on the ground under our bikes. When I first got down there, my left foot was still clipped into the bike, and I had to lift the bike off my legs and twist my foot violently to toward the ground in order to be able to stand up again.

This took time. And there were several witnesses.


Undomestic said...

Is it wrong to laugh at this? Good for you for getting out there. Are you doing the Lifetime tri next week?

Rachel said...

Oh God.

I'm both totally sorry this happened to you and entirely grateful and relieved that it didn't happen to me.

(Yes, I realize I'd have to actually GO biking in order to have something like this happen to me.)

Rachel said...

Also, I had to do the word verification thing three times for that last comment. Could I possibly be that bad at verifying letters? Geez.

KC said...

cari - no, it's okay to laugh.. that's why i've shared this story with the internet. i got closed out of the lifetime tri, but i'm doing another one on the 29th.

rach - that happpens to me a lot with word ver. wtf?

Ann said...

Alright - I had to chuckle too. I love the look of those clip on peddles, very pro! My big worry has always been what happened to you yesterday (it must happen a lot). Does your friend still like you?

Of course, I mention the peddles but heck don't even own a functioning bicycle!

Good luck on the 29th!

LH said...

please be careful.
this sport sounds treacherous.

Jackie said...

I laughed too, but I am glad that you are still in one piece.