Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's All About Finesse, Style, Grace, and Elegance

I’ve found that dinner is more enjoyable if I present the food I’ve made a la Top Chef.

For instance, this evening I stood to the right of Dan’s chair, swooped his dish dramatically down to the placemat, and recited: “Tonight we have a San Marzano tomato sauce served over whole-grain pasta. The sauce is built on an olive oil and garlic base, featuring farm-fresh zucchini and red scallions, and garnished with fresh sprigs of basil. On the side, we have a fresh caprese salad with Minnesota-grown tomatos, organic avocados and vidalia onions, and fresh mozarella with a balsamic drizzle. Please enjoy.”

Then a terse nod, and straight to my seat to test the seasoning.

I recommend trying this at your house for kicks. I also recommend watching Top Chef.

Seriously, why haven’t you? They do a marathon on Bravo every Wednesday before the new show airs at 9 Central.

Please enjoy.


Rachel said...

Cyndy and I DID watch the Top Chef marathon this evening. It was the first viewing for both of us.

We enjoyed.

jdoc said...

Some day I am going to have cable. Some day.

KC said...

good work, rach. now, you and cyndi can join the top chef challenge i'm running. please choose the person you think will be kicked off next week. you may post your guess right here.

jdoc, cable is really a necessity. i know i've been telling you this for years, but it's the truth. if only just for bravo. watch what's happening.

Cyndy said...

I need cable as's a long story, but we have only four good channels (well, one pretty good, three satisfactory channels) at home. That really sucks. Top Chef was great.

LH said...

We watched last night. It was excellent, as usual.

Undomestic said...

I don't think "Here's some Prego sauce atop of some spaghetti" will quite work now will it?

KC said...

good for all of the top chef watchers. lee, i wonder if td would like to play the challenge?

abby - the sitemeter is just another facet of summer for me -- probl. a bit too much time on my hands. i've also just received cruel intentions from blockbuster for my viewing pleasure. see? too much time.

cari - yes, ordinary will not do. it's a perfect combo of my obsession with my farmer and my obsession with top chef.

Jackie said...

I have to confess that I have only watched snippeys of Top Chef, never a full episode. But now with your marathon tip, I'll bokk that for Wednesday.

I loved the dinner description, especially the farm fresh ingredients. I could almost taste the meal.