Sunday, September 16, 2007

Like Two Dolphins In The Ocean of Our Hearts

We’re well into the fall swing now. After two weeks as high-schoolers, the sophs are coming around to the W-Way of operating. By all reports, Shef has become a leader in his class, rather than a follower, now that the boys he idolizes have graduated to the next room. And, of course, the new season of swimming lessons has commenced. This marks the first time one of the parents doesn’t have to actually get in the water with the cherub, and I’ve got to say, we’re all quite glad.

The photo credit here goes to Rachel, who, because she is such an excellent friend and sensitive to my needs as an extreme extrovert, consented to accompany me poolside and then documented the session via her Blackberry.

Now, if Dan would just quit working out-of-town so much, things would be perfect. I would feel worse for him regarding his travel schedule if he wasn’t in San Francisco, where he enjoys Room Service, happy hours, and first-class dinners, while I wile away at home, trying to sleep while Shef glues himself to my chest.


Maggie said...

From what I heard, there were other parents were maybe missing being in the pool during the lesson (specifically the one who walked up and down the side of the pool giving additional instructions to his little swimmer).

I don't understand. If you think you can teach your child to swim better than the instructor can, why bother paying for lessons at all?

Anonymous said...

Shef looks so big!

Jackie said...

I was so excited to graduate out of the pool as a parent. Those damn cold days in the pool holding kids. And there's just so much "motor boat motor boat oh so slow" that I can do with a smile. Congrats KC on graduating to the pool deck.

LH said...

i'm mad that sara got the boot.
i liked her.

winner will be: casey

the next 3 to go will be:
in order:

dale the mohawk man
brian mr. seafood.
hong (sp?) classical chef guy.