Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hearts On Fire, Strong Desire, Rages Deep Within

The new year is going pretty much okay, I think. I have been exceedingly cheerful, welcoming, and enthusiastic, if I do say so myself. I have gone the extra mile both in kindness AND in eye make-up.

“Do you notice anything different about me?” I blurted at Rachel the first morning, gesturing frantically at my face.

“Yes!” she cried supportively. While I waited for the impending compliment on my new cosmetics, I noticed a look of slight panic begin to creep across her face. “Haircut?” she offered. “Contacts? New outfit? EARRINGS!”

“NO!” I couldn’t contain myself. “It’s eye brightener!!

Besides that, which was less embarrassing than last year's Tourette's attack regarding pointy shoes, beacause at least Rachel now knows me, the only little hiccup has been this afternoon when I found myself babbling on and on incoherently about this speech the sophs are supposed to give tomorrow, while madly scribbling pieces of thinking maps on the board.

“I still don’t get what we’re doing,” a brave, but sullen little guy piped up.

“Well, the directions for this step are right here,” I offered, pointing at a section of the assignment sheet.

“Yeah,” he slumped, “I read that like, twenty times, and I still have no idea what to do.”

“Hmmm,” I answered, at a loss for any ideas about how to explain differently or better. “Well!” Pause. “Let’s just move on to the brace map!!”

I’ll be shocked if anyone has any clue what they’re doing tomorrow. Shocked, but enthusiastic and with bright eyes.


Undomestic said...

Have you noticed that one of the regular make-up brands..cover girl or maybelline or something has this new four-pack eye shadow kit, with it stamped directly on each color where to apply it...on the lid, the crease, Under brow or in corner. It's genius I tell you! Not sure if it looks any better on me, but I feel like I'm doing something different....since when I happen to wear eye shadow I've been doing the same thing since high school!!!!

Rachel said...

I can't believe you didn't say to Confused Kid, "Look, if you don't understand the assignment sheet, walk next door and ask Rachel. It's her damn writing."

Feel free next time. :)

Cyndy said...

Almay has something similar, and I'm addicted right now. It's the "Bring Out the Green" hues that I've adopted. Eye brightener is lots of fun too! Yay for cosmetics!

LH said...

oh, btw, I just bought some
vitamin c serum for my face. no discernible difference. but it was expensive, so i guess it's good.

kc said...

i heartily recommend the eye brightener. i think it makes a dramatic difference, yes. i think rachel would agree, now that i've talked about it incessantly for a week.

i'll be looking for the eye shadows, as well. thanks for the tip.

i've registered your choices, and i think you'll make a come-back, lee. i have faith.

Rachel said...

I'm on the record with the eye brightener actually brightening. Officially.