Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You Can't You Won't And You Don't Stop

I've been ignoring this blog, since I've had nothing to write on it. I do feel bad about not writing. The guilt is overwhelming, actually.

I was going to post on Saturday while I was at work. Working. On my part-time job.

But then I didn't.

The problem with September blogging is that I usually forget about the intensity of the beginning of the year, and how it sucks me dry, no matter what level of FTE I'm embodying. I forget about it until I'm smack dab in the middle of it, barely keeping my head above water and straining to stay awake past nine every night. This year, I'm only supposed to be just a little more than half-time, but so far I'm working kind of a lot. So far, I'm definitely in that "dear Lord, deliver me from this madness" kind of place.

One example of me working a lot so far was open house, which was from 6:45-9:00 on a Monday night. I'm usually quite good at doing open house, and the parents generally like me. I do it well so that later in the year when their kids come home saying, "God, Ms. W. is such a bitch," their parents will think this is a total lie.

Anyway, at this year's open house, I got kind of flustered in my first talk. I think it was because the parents mostly didn't laugh at my of opening jokes. Also there were some people there whom I knew to be somewhat disapproving of the literature selections I've made for their children. And, lots of people seemed to be scowling at me. Only one that I saw was nodding and smiling.

Still, I persevered. I made it through the talk with just moderate voice-wavering and, of course, the requisite sweat attack. Luckily, I was wearing a jacket, so as to avoid any potential sweat rings and classroom b.o. contamination.

In the break between the first and second talks, I went out to the hall to commiserate with my pals.

"It was kind of rough," I said.

"Yeah Kace," Rachel replied,"you have HIVES."

And sure enough. I did.

That's the whole story. Fini.

Can't you see why I haven't been posting here?


Rachel said...

Yes, but at least you don't have a huge red blotchy spot that looks remarkably like a hickey that only appears on your neck when you laugh, get nervous, or are embarrassed.

That's the image I like the present to the parents: an English teacher with The Largest Hickey Known to Mankind.


mi said...

Go easy on yourself! You've got a lot going on!! I bet the parents were just so awed by your presentation, they didn't know what to say! :)

abby said...

I'm confused. I thought last night was the Top Chef finale...but it wasn't. Did I tape incorrectly, or is it next week?

Jackie said...

I also feel sucked dry by the beginning of the year. Thank god we only have three days next week. And I have been noticing your eye brightener, but I've missed Rachel's hickey. I'll have to check that out tomorrow.