Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singing For The Whole World

I've been missing wine a lot more this pregnancy. I think last time I was all, Wow! This is so cool! I'm with child.

This time it's more like, damn! Nine months is a long time to go without booze. And hot dogs, and of course, soft cheeses.

I've taken to sniffing Dan's red wine and occasionally wetting my lips with it.

"Here," he offered last Friday. "I'll drink some and then give you a kiss." I gave him a wary look. "Okay, ready!" he proclaimed, swallowing a big glug. "I've coated my tongue!"

Excuse me if that didn't sound overly appealing.

Since I can't actually be drunk, I've decided to upload a photo of me looking drunk. Here I am at sixteen weeks, with my nine pounds pretty much evenly distributed over my whole self, from the looks of things:


mary said...

that is the most unflattering picture of you I have seen in a long time. nice work.

Rachel said...

Is it bad that I didn't think it was all that bad? I've seen worse, Kace. Unlucky twin sister worse.

abby said...

You can't eat hotdogs? That's awful.

Ann said...

I said hooey to all the research after awhile - also, if you are being faithful, no deli meats either (well, unless you heat them up first - yuck!)

Why hot dogs - never obeyed that one - love my hot dogs!

With child wines over wine every time - and now have four kiddos, I can't drink most reds anymore - I am a white (or rose, during the summer) girl now.

Tom said...

Looking great, KC! If it helps, our OB told Kathryn that if she wanted to eat a couple of hotdogs during pregnancy that she'd be OK. Moderation or something, right? I think there was even some goat cheese in the artichoke dip she ate the other night...

Undomestic said...

Didn't know about the hotdog thing either. I'll have to ask hubby. Is it because of the nitrates? You can get nitrate-free ones.

I was VERY LARGE with my first pregnancy, and progressively smaller with my last two. Maybe you will be as well.