Tuesday, December 4, 2007

There Is. No Shirt.

I had been without a book to read at bedtime for a few nights, so when I was over at my friend Jordan’s house, I asked if she had anything I could borrow. For light reading. Before bed.

I guess we have different views on light reading because first, she gave me a collection of Milan Kundera short stories.

Milan Kundera is described on the back of the little tome Jordan thrust into my hands as “an intellectual heavyweight and pure literary virtuoso” who “takes some of Freud’s most cherished complexes and irreverently whirls them about in acts of legerdemain that capture our darkest, deepest, human passions.”


I was just looking for a little Shopaholic and Sister to fill those moments before exhaustion takes over.

“Um,” I said, “don’t you have anything else?”

She perused her shelf, skipping over volumes until she landed on something that excited her very much.

“Oh this!” she exclaimed. “Have you read As Nature Made Him?! It’s about twins, and when one of them was getting circumcised, the knife slipped and he was castrated. It’s SO good! You HAVE to take it.”


“No REALLY. It’s SO interesting!”

So, I did take both books because saying no thanks to Jordan is pretty much impossible, but I am telling you right now: I’m not going to read them. I stopped at Target and picked up Eat, Pray, Love. It’s a little deeper than Shopaholic, but at least there are no genital mutilations.


LH said...

I just read Abstinence Teacher by Joe Perrotta. V. Good. I'd never heard of that guy before you told me about him, so thanks for telling me about him long time ago.

It's a good fast read.

Tom (aka Matchman) said...

Getting in on the PR action here. I think I need to pick a loser for this week, right? I predict that Ricky's going to be auf'd. He's hanging on by a thread. Get it? A thread?

Anonymous said...

I pick Kit to win this one.

Sarah said...

My pick for winner for this week is Kevin. We don't need to pick a loser yet, right?

By the way, the story that Shef's teacher put in the newsletter was priceless. He and Josh have a lot of habits in common!

Tom said...

OK so I think I had it backwards. I pick Kit to win.

KC said...

thanks to all for the guesses. i will update the scoreboard in an hour. tom, you were right both times -- you needed to pick a loser and a winner.

abby said...

Have you read Welcome to My Planet by Shannon Olsen? It's a decent before- bed-book option.

I also made bad bedtime book choices this past library trip: Ethan Frome and The Kite Runner.

KC said...

I have read Welcome to My Planet. V. good. Eat, Pray, Love is also excellent. I recommend.

LH said...

My pix for this week:

Losers: Ricky the PinMan,
Steven, and ... i guess sweet pea.

winner of the challenge...Maybe SweetPea. Can i pick the same person for both categories.