Saturday, December 22, 2007

You Do Know That Cellulite is One of the Main Ingredients In Corn Chowder

Yesterday, when I told the librarian at my school that one of my big plans for winter break was to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, which basically every single girl in my classes has already read, she looked skeptical.

"Do you like vampire fiction, in general?" she asked.

"Well, no." I admitted. "Not really."

Even so, I'm finding the "deeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful" novel to be kind of entrancing. Maybe it's safe to say I'm interested in vampire love? I did watch almost all of the episodes of Buffy back in 1998 and 1999. And I have peered in the windows of Anne Rice's house in New Orleans.


Carol Weeps said...

You look fabulous- even "drunk but not really drunk."

Carol Weeps said...

I also love the fact that I have not changed my username,and I am still know as Mrs. Barniskis.....

Undomestic said...

Have you read Blood and Chocolate (I think that's the title...or mayb it's Love and Chocoate). I had a student who read it at least a dozen times...a vampire story. I haven't. But I guess I should.