Sunday, December 2, 2007

This Is Reminiscent of A Members Only Jacket

My sixth hour is kind of a mess. There are some real smarties in there, some real trouble-makers, and some who fall in both categories. The combo-plates are the heart of the problem, actually.

I’ve tried several techniques with them. I’ve made sarcastic remarks, I’ve cajoled, I’ve sat down at my desk in a huff after writing an hour’s worth of seatwork on the board.

None of these were very effective, actually.

One afternoon, after I’d had a lovely time with my 4th and 5th hours, I tried this: “Look, people. I did yoga this morning. I feel happy and centered. Nothing you can say or do will ruin my mood today.”

They kind of twittered. But then, they were actually pretty good, comparatively. A few days later, they asked if I’d done any more yoga, since I seemed to be in such a cheerful place.

And then, somehow, I ended up doing some alternate-nostril breathing with the sixth-hours. It’s something one of my yoga teachers showed me. It’s supposed to be calming and bring focus, and it’s admittedly a little weird – you have to close of your left and right nostrils for inhales and exhales alternately.

I’m not sure it worked for them. But maybe next week when we do sun salutations, that’ll mark progress? I'll keep you posted.


Undomestic said...

I'm sitting here reading your blog trying to do this alternate nostril breathing..except my right nostril is stuffed. I guess you have to be cold free for this to work, huh? Funny envisioning your whole class doing this!

LH said...

I need to do some yoga. I would probably feel better doing yoga than yelling really loudly. UGH!

I think I'm going to pick Victoria for the challenge winner.

Also, do I pick more losers yet, or wait til after this week's show?

Plus, did you get your tree yet?

KC said...

p.s. I am choosing Chris for the winner this week.