Monday, March 31, 2008

I Recommend the Hot Stone Pedicure For Sure

Dan, Shef, and I each have our own twin beds on this trip. The twins are lined up in a row. Shef’s is on the floor, while Dan and I have frames; but we all know how unlikely the kid is to stay-put in the evening hours, especially when there are other warm bodies in such close proximity.

Anyway, there’s a small gap between Dan’s twin and my twin, and last night, one of the things that was keeping me from resting well was the thought that Shef would get himself lodged in the gap and that this would have dire consequences. I actually had kind of a fight with him at about 2:30 because I wanted him to get his legs out of the gap and move over by the wall, for god’s sake.

Fortunately for both of us, at about 4:00, I completely stopped caring about him dangling his legs in the gap; and just felt unbelievably lucky for each additional minute of blissful slumber.

Shef viewed access to the gap as a victory, and announced proudly at the breakfast table that he had “slept in the crack hole.”

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abby said...

The Emperor's New Groove--another superb viewing choice. What I love about that movie is you would assume it's for kids (cartoon, llama, etc) except the humor is really more targeted at adults.