Friday, June 20, 2008

C-Sections Are Not Safer, But They Are More Disgusting

It's hard for me to see my incision what with the round, mushy belly I still have; but Dan said something looked odd about it this afternoon while I was getting dressed after a shower. I called the doctor, and she suggested I come and see her and have it checked out.

After she poked around a little with some swabs and removed the "steri strips," which in her estimation, had only made the situation worse, she asked me to sit up a little and take a look at what we were dealing with.

"Oh, GROSS," I said, sinking back down on the table after looking at it for a second or two. "That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen."

"I've seen worse," she said, smiling.

"Yes, but you're a DOCTOR," I blurted. She agreed this was the case, and then she stepped out for a moment to get some supplies.

"Dan," I said when she was gone, "isn't that the most disgusting thing you've ever seen in your life?"

"No," he said. I could tell he was trying to make me feel better.

"What have you seen that's more disgusting?" I demanded.

"Your face," he countered.

This made me laugh really hard, which hurts my incision. When she got back, the doctor probed around in there some more, attempting to see if in fact, my skin is coming apart. This obviously hurt my incision, as well.

When I got home, I had to take a nap to rest from all the hurting. And while I was drifting off, I thought about how much I hadn't wanted this stupid surgery in the first place.


Tracy P said...

Well, hopefully you won't have to have Dan irrigate it 4 times daily using special water purchased at a medical supply shop and super long Q-tips. And, hopefully you also wont have to pack the incision with gauze and wear like seventy maxi pads all over your underwear. Not that I ever had either of those experiences...

cg said...

Ack sorry to hear you are having to deal with incision trouble as well. Just rest up as much as possible.

LH said...

Dan maybe shouldn't be so funny while the incision is healing. If he can help it.

Undomestic said...

Think least you're not stretched out or damaged "down there!"

Hope you're healing quickly and feeling better soon.

KMB said...

Congrats on Mac's arrival. You do cook 'em long and big. Mac looks gorgeous and is destined to be a great writer with his name and lineage. I am hoping to come and visit when the dust settles. We will be back from vacation July 12Sorry about the C-section - ugh sounds icky.

Best - Kristin B.