Thursday, June 5, 2008

The OB Says I'm Making Progress

I’m not feeling very cranky today, so that’s a plus. I am disappointed that the two new discs of Season Two of Friday Night Lights I requested from Blockbuster did not arrive in the mail this afternoon, but that is beyond my control and not really worth a lot of energy. I had an interesting acu-session with Allison, Ramon’s wife. She hooked me up to some little electrodes that stimulated a couple of needles intermittently. I am feeling weird, so I think it did something; but I’m not sure what.

Now, I think we’ll watch our favorite movie, Love Actually. Last night we watched Dan’s fantasy girlfriend, Padma Lakshmi, preside over Part I of the finale of Top Chef. Even I had to admit that Padma looked pretty good. Not really at all like a lizard. I think they’ve changed her make-up for the better, and I liked her dress.


Tom said...

Agreed that Padma looked stunning in her Tiffany blue grecian dress. But I'm HORRIFIED that Lisa is still there.

Curious, do you have trouble with Blockbuster sending you DVDs of TV shows out-of-order? They do that to me all the time with The Sopranos. I'm considering a switch back to Netflix because of it...

KC said...

tom - tell me about it re: lisa. I'm so DONE with that chick!!

I have had no such issues with Blockbuster. i've been pleased overall. Maybe it's a Sopranos issue? Try the Gilmore Girls. ;)