Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is He Singing "Funky Town"?

People keep asking how Shef us adjusting to having a brother. We've been saying that he seems okay, but that he's been acting kind of weird. Here are some snippets from this afternoon's conversation on the way home from school:

Shef: I'm going to do naked biking like that guy.

Me: That guy is not naked.

Shef: Yes he is!

Me: He's wearing shorts.

Shef: That's naked!

Me: No, actually no clothes is naked.

Shef: OH! I wanna do THAT! I'm going to naked bike!

Me: I think that would be very uncomfortable.

Dan: There would probably be some chafing.

Shef: I'm going to do it when I'm all alone and not in your house anymore.

Dan: Yeah. Do it when one of your friends can post bail for you.

And then a couple of minutes later -

Shef: Mom, you can't do summer stuff.

Me: Why not?

Shef: Because you're a woman and womans can't do summer stuff.

Dan: Shef, womans can do anything that men can do.

Shef, laughing maniacally: NO GIRLS ALLOWED in my summer stuff!

He's outside right now doing "summer stuff," which is running through a sprinkler. I think he's having a good time. And there aren't any girls out there.


Sheila said...

so, i know dan is funny in real life, but i want the truth: are those quotes touched up?

KC said...

no, those quotes are not touched up. dan is just that funny.

Martha said...

Dan is super funny. THe lines are good AND his delivery is stellar! What's more, most of us womens don't WANT to do naked stuff. Not at my age anyway.

Mary said...

I am laughing out loud in the cyber cafe... I love you all. Shef rocks my world.