Friday, June 6, 2008

Someday This Kid Will Actually Be a Big Brother

This is a weird little photo of Shef that his teachers took at school to attach to his "Artist's Bio," in which he mentions nothing about enjoying art. Because he doesn't.

Anyway, it's not that flattering of a photo, and it doesn't even totally look like him... but there's something about it I just like.


LH said...

It's funny because it doesn't really look quite like him. But maybe it's a window into an older Shefster.
Are you watching The Mole?

kc said...

i haven't been watching the mole. i'm obsessed with friday night lights on dvd.

LH said...

Are you getting a bazillion hits a day right now, what with all of us waiting for your second child to show up???

you should watch the mole. it premiered last weekend.

kc said...

yes, i'm up to 100 hits per day, which is WAY above my normal amount. okay, i'll check out the mole.

i'd also like for you to tell me that story about the gym coach again. the part about his hopes for the next generation.

LH said...

omg yes. and what about him shoving his forearm into my face and yelling at me in front of all the kiddos, "IF SOMEONE PUSHED YOU IN THE FACE LIKE THIS, WOULD YOU START CRYING??? WOULD YOU????"

KC said...

that part and the part about "then i hope i die soon." that story is so, so funny.