Monday, January 12, 2009

Bring Me the Finest Muffins and Bagels in All the Land

Here's our cherub at seven months.

He's waving at the camera. Isn't that cute? If you look closely, you can see that his tongue has a little mother-of-pearl quality to it, which means the thrush is still with us. The doctor said it would take a long time to get rid it, so I'm trying to be patient.


The biggest change in the baby this month is how much he now likes to play with Shef. Before he was born, when people would tell me that their kids played together, especially when the kids were more than four years apart, I totally didn't get it.

But now I see how Mac and Shef make each other laugh and sort of push the boundaries a bit. Right now it's just Shef who gets in trouble when something goes wrong, but before long, you can just tell it'll be both of them.

So that's pretty cool. Less cool is how obsessed Mac is with electrical cords and little pieces of garbage on the floor. As a bonus, he is suddenly totally mobile, crawling at the speed of light toward any piece of flotsam and pulling up on every vertical that lacks holds for his pudgy little fingers. I'll admit there's been some head-banging. I swear I'm trying my best to keep it to a minimum.


Emily said...

What is it with the electrical cords?! Zach recently started crawling, too, and he goes straight for them. He maneuvered around a chair today like nobody's business, with an eye only for the cords..

Jen H. said...

My boys play together quite a bit now, though Cameron takes more than his fair share of hits. But he just keeps going back for more.

Mac is incredibly cute.

Martha said...


Rachel said...

Your post title is one of my all-time favorite lines from West Wing. Just so you know. I'm so in love with Josh Lyman.