Saturday, January 24, 2009

See That Girl; Watch That Scene

It's wicked cold here today. Dan is still in New Orleans. I have a vast expanse of nothingness spread before me until bedtime, save one two-hour outing to some obstacle courses for preschoolers put on by the Minneapolis Parks. That had better be fun.

This morning, the brothers entertained themselves for about four minutes with a basket of clean laundry. Instead of savoring those four free minutes, I tried to capture the magic on video.

Untitled from Savvy Mom on Vimeo.


KC said...

those obstacle things were the BEST THING EVER. it was by inner city tennis. it's free. it's at MLK park in the tennis bubble. if you have a kid 3-12, you should probably go.

cg said...

Hah that was a fun video - glad you enjoyed the obstacle course. Does Shef's t-shirt look familiar? E is crazy about his ;-) Thank you so much

Undomestic said...

That Shef just cracks me up.