Sunday, May 31, 2009

If You Liked It Then

Yesterday was the anniversary of my due date with Mac. Let me just say, I'm SO HAPPY to be sitting here 60 pounds lighter and with no labor on the horizon. That fact makes everything, including the decision we made about me going back to teaching full-time in September, so much more palatable.

When I went to the choir concert at my high school last Thursday in my non-maternity clothing, I noticed several of my former students giving me a once over.

"It's so funny," Rachel said. "They all check to see that you're not still pregnant."

Several also seemed happy to see me, which was pleasant. I had just finished reading in the program that one of my favorites from 07-08 would be performing his own composition in the second act of that night's show and then attending an Ivy League school in the fall, when that same kid spotted me in my seat.

"MS. W!" he said.

I stood up to say hello, and he hugged me (!).

"How ARE you? How are the kids?"

"We're fine," I said. "This concert is my favorite thing," I told him. "I'm looking forward to your number, and I see you're successful and attending Columbia. Congratulations!"

He smiled, and we chatted a bit longer.

When he walked away, Rachel said, "Wow, Kace. That was GENUINE love, there."

I know it! And, although I also know it's delusional, I'm just going to pretend that when I go back to work, all the kids are going to be that nice. And all the interactions are going to be that positive. And I'm going to hang on to that fantasy until I'm forced to give it up.

Probably one minute into the first teacher workshop.

But still. I'm holding on.

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