Monday, May 4, 2009

To Pick the Very Best One

Shef's entered a new phase. He repeats all these little expressions. I remember them from when I was in elementary school, and in fact, I can't believe they're still cool.

"Guess what?" he asked me one day after school.

"What?" I said, totally unsuspecting.

"Chicken butt!" he exclaimed.

Oh, super.

He's also been asking Dan and me to turn around and then saying, "May-ga, May-ga, Now you're in the baby book!"

Dan finally figured out that he meant "Made-ya look, Made-ya look."

Of course.

Then this weekend, he yelled out "FEET IN!" as we were playing football at the park. Dan and I obliged, as we figured this would be the start of a cheer. Instead, Shef bent down and touched each of our shoes along with the syllables of, "Some-bo-dy far-ted, that's YOU!"

And then he cackled.

It turns out that was the second phrase of the one that goes, "Skunk's in the barnyard, p.u."

How many years does this last? And how many times will I be embarrassed in public?

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Tom said...

Don't worry, it won't be long and you'll be embarassing the crap out of Shef and you'll cackle with glee. :-)

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